Hedge Covers

$ 80.00

Head covers give us another chance to express ourselves! We were tired of using the leather head covers, seeing the stuffed animal head covers and the head covers our clubs came with. We just wanted the classic, warm and fuzzy hand-knitted by grandma kind. With rainbow arrays of color combinations we could only dream about, these soft & stretchy head covers will protect our precious clubs in style.


Skein dyed yarn to make sure the colors are rich and consistent. Our vendor has very high expectations for our product and customer satisfaction.


YOU are the designer – head covers are hand knit to your specifications. Please email or call with any questions – we are more than happy to help!


High grade 100% wool yarn made in the USA. It is spun and double waxed to ensure that it knits smoothly.

*Orders typically take about 2 – 3 weeks.

**Price is for one head cover only. They are not sold as a set.

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