Fenix x Hedge Collaboration Bag

$ 1,900.00

We found it. And just like we would coyly approach a lady we want to be friends with, we approached Fenix Sportier...Her name is Lauren, and she designed the elegant bag we've been searching for. It is the ultimate luxury carryall. It makes us look gorgeous and feel practical (extremely hard to do). We feel nimble, prepared...whole.

Fitted with an easily accessible pocket for your racquet in the front, the bag also has numerous compartments designed to accommodate everything from water bottles, cans of tennis balls, laptops and phones and credit cards. We use it on the plane, we use it on the train, we carry this bag... even in the rain; because it's indestructible, as are we.

Made from Italian buttery nappa leathers, individually stamped with the signature Fenix perforation, and embroidered Hedge insignia. Lined in suede and features rich, custom-made hardware and statement zippers. Featuring hand-painted edges and hand-sewn stitching, the bag has immaculate detail work. The adjustable shoulder strap is removable. Bag measures 14" tall x 19" wide x 5" deep.

Please be patient, there is a 4-week lead time for production as every bag is hand cut and created just for you. Because this bag is made to order exclusively for Hedge customers, no returns are permitted. Thank you for understanding. 

Made in the USA. California to be exact.


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