Bibliotherapy: Hedge Summer Reads

Tula “books are door-shaped”

Books are door-shaped portals
carrying me across oceans and centuries,                        
helping me feel less alone.
But my mother believes
that girls who read too much
are unladylike and ugly,
so my father’s books
are locked in a clear glass cabinet.
I gaze at enticing covers and mysterious titles,
but I am rarely permitted to touch the enchantment of words.  

Poems. Stories. Plays.
All are forbidden.
Girls are not supposed to think,
but as soon as my eager mind begins to race,
free thoughts rush into replace
the trapped ones.

I imagine distant times and faraway places.
Ghosts. Vampires. Ancient warriors.
fantasy moves into the tangled maze of lonely confusion.

Have you heard of bibliotherapy? 

It's not a new concept. A therapeutic approach that uses literature to support good mental health. Medical professionals and psychologists have been prescribing books for their patients to read for a hundred years or more.

Storytelling, creative writing, and reading have long been recognized for their therapeutic potential. The use of literature as a healing method dates back to ancient Greece, when Grecian libraries were seen as sacred places with curative powers. King Ramses II of Egypt had a special chamber for his books, and above the door were the words “House of Healing for the Soul.” Sigmund Freud incorporated literature into his psychoanalysis at the end of the nineteenth century. Medical professionals and psychologists have been prescribing books for their patients to read for a hundred years or more. But it was more as an adjunct to other treatment rather than a treatment in itself.

Today, bibliotherapy is employed by educators, helping professionals, librarians, and even parents. Its versatility and adaptability make it an excellent supplement to self-improvement of all kinds. Reading has been shown to be able to help people understand the issues they are experiencing and offer hope for positive change.

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Reading slows your heart rate down. You can try to meditate or you can READ for 5 minutes. Same effect.



As recommended to us by our favorite librarian

Christina Karvounis @spdylibrarian MLIS, SLMS

Christina spends her summers in Maine at the charming Hancock Point Library. We got a chance to visit her last summer and soak in the vibes!



I miss you when I blink
I MISS YOU WHEN I BLINK, Mary Laura Philpott
Essays on real life, because who has time to burn it all down to build it back up?
The East End
THE EAST END, Jason Allen
Perhaps another game of Clue by the poolhouse?
The Unhoneymooners
THE UNHONEYMOONERS, Christina Lauren, May 14, 2019
Put your toes in the sand for this post-wedding rom-com!
The Water Cure Book
THE WATER CURE, Sophie Mackintosh
A mythical tale of what may happen when women run an island and men bumble to the shore.

Normal People Book Sally Rooney


First loves are the most complicated and yet, the least entangled.


Just when we want to find the answer, life has a twist in store.
Carnegie's Maid Book Marie Benedict
CARNEGIE'S MAID, Marie Benedict
The Mother-in-Law book sally hepworth
THE MOTHER IN LAW, Sally Hepworth
Need we say more?
The Overdue Life of Amy Byler Kelly Harms


Single mom takes a break in NYC - and must make the choice at the end of summer!


Love, loss and the connections that stay with us over time.

GRAVITY IS THE THING, release date July 23, 2019

Mystery around a disappearance with a journey to find the truth.


Aren't we all seeking our best and to be our best?


We love to attend these readings with @zibbyowens from @momsdonthavetimetoreadbooks

At live events we get to meet the author and It's amazing insight into the author's inspiration and process. On the blog, we hear the interview with Zibby and it's a great way to find out if we truly want to invest in the book before we buy it!



Very interesting concept and story from The New York Times:

Read a Book, Get Out of Jail

What happens when convicted felons are sentenced to a book club instead of prison?


Did you know these exist all over?! There's one at my favorite garden

Amazing wallpaper at our favorite new bookstore in Sag Harbor @berryandcosagharbor


These are adorable! From Knot & Bow....

 Also, how amazing is THIS store display on the Lower East Side of Manhattan!?

And this set of cookbooks we'd put on display in the kitchen.

Best wedding gift ever.

Cook's Illustrated Cook's Books Set

Set of 5 Classic Cook Books

Our Favorite Children's Books Puzzle by White Mountain Puzzles

White Mountain Puzzles

World's Cutest Pin

Out of Print Pin



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