We would love for you to join our team and share Hedge with your community.

Who is a Hedge Ambassador?

The Hedge Ambassador is a leader and taste maker in their community. They are magnetic and authentic influencers. They keep their clients and communities motivated in innovative and exciting ways. We would love to have you become a part of our Hedge community.


• Sales Commissions: Share your personal link for people to shop on our website. When someone makes a purchase you will get a 10% commission.

• Discounts on Hedge product for you to wear and promote in your community.

The Program:

Our program can be what you make it! Ambassadorship may or may not include the below. We love to hear new ideas about how to grow Hedge!

• Social Media Influencing

• Hosting Sales parties

• Guest Blog writing

• Involvement in Photo Shoots

• Fit feedback

• Instructors & Professionals: sharing tips, lessons, classes.


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