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Spring Break Packing Lists

Spring Break Packing Lists

We are list makers! We have packed for all sorts for styles and trips and wanted to share our lists with you as you prepare for your journey.    ...

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Respect for Tradition

Hedge was born out of a desire to look lovely on the tennis court, demure on the golf course and elegant the rest of the day.

We have a deep respect for tradition, and a fond dream of living back in the halcyon days of tennis and golf. We also have a strong grasp on the reality of today— an age when our workout gear ends up as an all-day wardrobe. Truth is, we feel better when we look better. We play better when we have confidence in our bodies. When we lunge, serve, or drive the ball, we want to move with freedom, strength and style. Why not meld the elegance of the cocktail dress with the comfort of workout clothes?

We did. And it works. We promise.