I love it. Nothing beats the roaring 20's, thats what I love about the Hedge line. Old school but super chic and modern at the same time. It will never be out of style.

I brought my wife over, it's like something Audrey Hepburn would have worn.

I am so excited to receive my items! Our weather is perfect for a dress now! I have already worn many of the items I purchased from you - my tennis friends have been FLIPPING OUT over them!!!!

She's wearing couture on the tennis court.

I do not know what kind of sorcery you possess but your gear is just GORGEOUS and FLATTERING! I am wildly impressed!!! Just go ahead and take all my money now, okay?!

Good afternoon!! First off...I sent a DM on Instagram after your post on paddle gear and I just loved the friendly response I received, encouraging me to order whatever struck my fancy to decide what would best work for me! That inspired me to order some options RIGHT away...And wow! Your fabrics are gorgeous and designs creative. I am sooo excited and immediately must order a second Darrow skirt...and low-key ditch all other skirts and add the rest of the colors to my closet as quickly as I can without my husband noticing! Just FORGET all other tennis skirts from here on out! Thank you for combining preppy and ladylike with figure-flattery!!!

What a great style, it's right out of the 1950's you could be going to a cocktail party!

I am so excited for receive my purchase - I thought this was the perfect jacket (especially since my name starts with H I loved!!!!) thank you again for reaching out, great to connect.

Hey lady! Thank you for continuing to provide such beautiful pieces!

I just love this dress and had to get myself another since I'm now playing golf. I think it looks fabulous!

I'm putting all my friends onto Hedge, it's sick.

I love this. It's beautiful, I wish there were more!

The most outstanding thing I've seen in 24 years at The PGA Show.

You have beautiful fabrics with a nice, soft touch.

It has that old luxury feeling. I want to feel feminine on the golf course.

I want to bathe myself in this fabric.

Marilyn Monroe on the court.

You look like a Degas painting in that tutu.

Looks like something Jackie O would wear.

You two ladies are the most attractive women we've seen here all day!

I've been wanting a long skirt for some time and wondering how it would work on the course- such a throwback to classic beauties.

I absolutely love ADORE your tennis piece and I even have your profile photo as one of my summer inspo shots.


So cute all of it.

I adore your clothes! They are gorgeous and comfy! I'd be happy to be your ambassador here.

I hope we can meet one day! Your photographs and energy is amazing.

Oh my wonderful jacket came yesterday and I am completely obsessed and in love. It's seriously my new favorite possession; I'm putting Hedge stickers all over my Yeti cup to give her some personality.

Loving your brand and direction, can't wait to dive into your feed. Tennis is one of the best crossover sports for skiers, love the clothing I tried on so far it fits. Can't wait to get on the court and get some pics.

I never do this but can I ask where you got that tennis dress? I have never seen such a nice one and because I'm a pro, women always ask me what I recommend!

You asked how I heard about you, well, from my friend who LIVES in Hedge!