The Secret Behind Hedge Cornflower Blue

It’s easy to do blue…it’s not easy to do blue well. 

When we decided to add a fresh color to our collection of classic colors: Hedgerose, Twilight and Cream, naturally, we turned to the garden for inspiration.

Pantone Swatch Cornflower Blue

Love in a mist, Agapanthus, Forget-Me-Nots, Grape Hyacinth, Blue Star Amsonia, Passion flower, and Globe Thistle all grow in our garden in Sagaponack, NY.

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The actual specimen “Cornflower” is often seen popping up near farms and considered a pest to the crops and therefore farmers…BUT the COLOR…is to die for…friendly, rich and warm (for a cool tone). Not to mention, it is complimentary to our other brand colors!

Collage of images featuring the color Cornflower Blue.

Here are some looks you can put together with our Cornflower Blue items.


Cornflower Hedge clothing.Left: Rory Shirt, Darrow Skirt. Right: Sable Polo, Darrow Skirt.

Cornflower Hedge clothing.Left: Sable Polo, Lulu Shorts. Right: Sable Polo Lottie Shorts.

Cornflower Hedge clothing.Cashmere Wheadon Hoodie, Rory Shirt, Darrow Skirt.

Vintage apothecary jars, Laura Ashley fabrics, European countryside doors and CorningWare china from the 70’s were all hue inspiration for us. Write back and share a color you would like to see Hedge cover next!

Collage of images featuring the color Cornflower Blue.

Blue unto others as you would have them Blue unto you,

Meagan & Antonia

PS: Interestingly, this color has been a bit illusive to the lens making it quite challenging to capture the true color for our website! Sometimes it shows faint on the screen photographed in late afternoon sun, sometimes it’s too royal under the incandescent bulbs of a studio but in real life, it’s Cornflower perfection.

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