Prima Skirt

$ 110.00
Color: White

Tennis movements are often compared to ballet and hence we made this classic dancer style fit our needs for tennis. Free flowing and voluminous, this wrap skirt is crafted from breathable, soft, cotton voile. The Prima skirt is versatile and flattering on all figures. Like many lightweight fabrics, voile cloth is ideal for spring and summer outfits. The term comes from the French word meaning ‘veil’, it allows the air to pass through, providing comfort even on the most scorching day. Because of its light weight it is popular in tropical climates, A high thread count and a tighter weave than most cotton fabrics, making it very soft and silky to the touch.


  • The skirt waist tie wraps through a loop and around your waist to fit and then tie in a bow or knot.
  • Length falls softly to mid-upper thigh, crosses over at the front and ties at the side.
  • Inspired by dancers who wear the prima skirt over their leotards. In our case we wear over leggings, ball shorts or bloomers.


  • One size fits most: S-L
  • Double layers of voile for opacity

VOILE BENEFITS: What are the key features of high quality voile?

  • Plain, tight weave gives soft touch
  • Silky, soft finish
  • Hypo-allergenic 100% cotton natural fiber
  • High thread count

Care Instructions:

Basic: Recommended care: machine wash, hang dry. Light steam or iron. To make this garment last longer, remember to wash by hand in cold water, allow it to air dry on hanger, iron on low heat. High temperatures during washing and ironing will most likely destroy any cotton fabric, so avoid them completely. Mind that cotton voile wrinkles a bit, but the benefits of having something natural against one’s skin is worth spending a little bit of time on pressing.

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