Turkish Towel w/ Tassel

$ 26.00
Color: White Green HedgeHog

Introducing our Turkish Tasseled Towel. Thin, light and absorbent. Handmade with traditional wooden looms. Unlike terry cloth towels these get softer with each wash and take up little space. They make the perfect elegant accessory for our favorite sports, not to mention the kitchen, gym, travel or guest towel. Incredibly resistant to stain these natural fibers from Turkey make it easy to wash; beat it up and it will get a better patina. Naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on skin.

For TENNIS: high absorbency and lightweight make it the perfect to throw in the bag or tie on to handle for accessibility.

For GOLF: We ensured this towel was the proper size a golf towel should be. Long and narrow. The tooth in the fabric gets in the grooves of the club and allow for the stubborn grit to be removed.


WHITE SIZE: 20"x 31"

  • • Turkish Cotton
  • • Thin, light and absorbent
  • • Weight: 3.3Oz 100Grams

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