Vintage Chess and Game Set

$ 300.00
Color: Red and Gold

Vintage items offer a glimpse into the past and represent a specific period in history. They tell a story about the culture, society, and fashion of the time they were produced, making them valuable to historians and collectors alike. This game set is in excellent condition and will delight and wonder friends and family!

Inside the box of goodies we found a note with: Edwards & Sons Antique Dealers info on it. According to their advertisements in the 1930s, their roots trace back to 1853. Charles Alfred Edwards established the business on Regent Street in London, England in 1912.

CONDITION: Fine, vintage patina. Weathered leather boards and one tiny chess piece tip broken. The roulette wheel has a bit of dirt inside and a crack in the glass. It works beautifully though! Cards wrapper a bit stained, but beautiful.

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