Vintage Champion Tank Top

$ 60.00
Color: Cream

This vintage Champion tank top is super soft and loose fitting. We love the chunky black trim and faded logo. Pair with our straight fitting Meade skirt over a cute sports bra for a sporty, retro look.

Found by our Co-Founders at a vintage shop in Savannah, Georgia. The Champion brand is definitely making a comeback; Todd Snyder & Champion have done some very cool collaborations, check it out.

History of the Champion Brand: Finding its beginnings in 1919, brother Abraham and William Feinbloom started a knitwear company that sold clothing and apparel wholesale called the Knickerbocker Knitting Mills. Whilst they found success with this venture, they also noticed the lack of quality clothing within sports, in particular the American Football team. After partnering with local manufacturers to create sweatshirts and t-shirts, they attracted the attention of Michigan University who saw potential in these garments to keep athletes comfortable in between games and practice. As they shifted their focus towards sportswear manufacturing, the Feinbloom brothers decided to rebrand the company to something more appropriate for athletes, hence the Champion Knitting Mills was born. -Valuable Vintage Reference: One off vintage Co.UK

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