Vintage Cropped Military "Ike" Jacket

$ 285.00
Color: Olive Green

This original WWII military jacket is uniquely cropped and has a modern edge to it giving motorcycle jacket vibe.

For a modern look pair it with jeans and a tee shirt or a wide leg cream pant. To give it a feminine twist it works well with our long, flowy Gibson skirt or Willa tutu.

The "Ike" jacket was designed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower and actually worn by him. The original World War II uniform with long jacket was considered by Eisenhower and many others to be poor for combat use because it fit badly and was restrictive. Ike wanted a "neater and smarter uniform" and designed this style which could be worn by itself or over layers. Standard issue for U.S. troops beginning in November 1944, it quickly became known as the "Ike jacket" after its creator.

Eisenhower modified the basic design of the field jacket at least once. His tailor adapted it to be "very short, very comfortable, and very natty looking," according to an aide. Other officers also had the style tailored to suit their preferences, and a variety of modifications were made to the prototype of "Wool Field Jacket M-1944." Ike himself was known to have worn several versions featuring different pockets and waist tabs.

Following the end of the war, Eisenhower served as Chief of Staff for the U. S. Army and then president of Columbia University before seeking the U.S. presidency. He served two terms, from 1953 to early 1961, and died in 1969 after a long illness.

FABRIC: Wool, Polyester

SIZE: Tag says 36R, we feel it will fit a Small-Medium

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