Vintage Fred Perry Wrap Skirt

$ 270.00
Color: White

We discovered this classic style tennis skirt at a vintage fair in Brooklyn and fell in love with the brilliant adjustable sizing band cleverly hidden behind the waistband. Fred Perry, an accomplished English tennis player, created his own brand in the early 1950's. His brand was a immediate success after its first showing in Wimbledon, and has remained popular ever since. This skirt is made of quality, textured fabric with a light gray and dark blue stripe. Lining the bottom right corner is the classic Fred Perry wreath logo embroidered in dark blue.

DETAILS: Adjustable waistband to size down or up

FABRIC: 67% Terylene, 33% Sarille Rayon

SIZE: Medium (size tag in product says "14" which we believe is a child's age 14. You could consider this skirt small as well since it has adjustable waistband.

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