Vintage French Linen Shorts

$ 375.00
Color: White

These vintage 1940's French high-waisted shorts are a rare find and tres chic! Meant to give you a flattering figure, these A-line silhouette shorts are truly elegant and drape beautifully. The quality of the linen is superior, it is a sturdier, refined linen that is luxurious and opaque. They are well broken in and soft, but can be crisp when pressed. Buttons are to be worn in the front we believe but honestly you could wear both ways.

Discovered at an annual luxury vintage fair in Brooklyn NY. Why the high price? Truly, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore! We know, because we tried with our Lulu short which is a modern, light version of this very same thing. We couldn't believe it when we found this vintage pair after the fact!

Details: 3 buttons on both sides and pocket in back.

Size: Small-low medium, about a size 6, there is no tag. 

Waist is approx 27.5-28"

Length: 16.5"


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