Vintage German Puma Jacket

$ 275.00
Color: Navy

This classic vintage track jacket by Puma is in German! This type of European garment is highly sought after by collectors due to the classic design, limited availability, and historical significance. With the iconic logo and stripes it harkens us back to the style Farrah Fawcett wore on the tennis court and golf course.

Also popularized by the hip-hop group, the Beastie Boys, in the 1980s. Their iconic style reflects the group's rebellious and eclectic musical style, and is still popular among fans and collectors today.

Tag has German text: Front: German for “Made with Quality,” PUMA’s "Macht’s Mit Qualitat" collection represents the finest in PUMA’s design and materials. BACK: "Many world-famous top athletes trust articles with the PUMA sign - because quality and reliability are the two cornerstones of our company policy."

FABRIC: The tag is written in Chinese, and part of the tag looks handwritten like it's a sample....but we feel sure it is acrylic or polyester blend.

SIZE: Small

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