Youth & Adult Pickleball Set - 4 Pack

$ 249.99

Our favorite brand of pickleball paddles is none other than Nettie. We met during COVID and we love their products! The Nettie Classic Paddles are USAPA-approved. Made with premium materials so you can dink, volley, and slam your way to wins. And designed with a signature retro style that is made to look how pickleball feels – joyful!

Specifications: All of our paddles are superior quality and designed for pickleball players of all ages and abilities.

  • CORE: Polymer honeycomb core (lightweight & powerful)
  • THICKNESS: 13mm (best for power + pop)
  • SURFACE: Carbon fiber face (durable + best for spin)
  • WEIGHT: 7.8 oz-8.0 oz
  • GRIP: 4.25 inch octagonal grip
  • HANDLE LENGTH: 5 inch
With The Family Pack you get:
  • 2 Adult USA Pickeball Approved pickleball paddles
  • 2 Youth Pickleball paddles
  • 4 pickleballs

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