Be well. Well Read.


Ladies & gentlemen, These are the most delicious, most requested books of the summer! Place your orders with your local library or book store today. We know it to be true because our bestie Christina Karvounis, bibliotherapist tells us so and we trust her. To make these titles even juicier, listen to these amazing authors on Zibby Owens' podcast, Mom's Who Don't Have Time To Read Books. Plug in, go for a walk, listen to the authors, then UNPLUG and escape as their words take you away.


by Christina Karvounis @spdylibrarian

Hedge Summer Reading List

We have all been hearing a resounding change. Adapt. “New normal.” I invite you to consider awakening, instead. An opportunity to grasp hold of the summer moment and be still in it. Be well. Well read.

Our mental health has been challenged. Our families have required more of our attention. Quarantine swept us all into a cocoon, demanding rapid adaptations.

Many of us lost our focus for reading. I was one of them.

But really, we’re here for what to read next. What to pack in your bag this summer or find from your audiobook provider.

Untamed, Glennon Doyle

UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle, whose book could not have come a better time for me. If you have not yet heard about it, take a peek. Lady readers, no matter what your affiliations, she will blow your mind giving you erudite chapters to ponder. I encourage you to take a look.



The ones I am most excited about:

Barcelona Days Book
Take me to pre-COVID Spain and give me a married couple interested in testing boundaries to watch.

A Burning book
One person’s rise may be someone else’s fall. This book explores how a seemingly small decision can have a massive ripple effect.


Oona Out of Order, M. Montimore



My Dark Vanessa, K. Elizabeth Russell



A Place to Start a Family, D. Harrison

Summer, A. Smith
The Paris Hours, A. George
Girl, Woman, Other, B. Evaristo
Big Summer, J. Weiner
Barcelona Days, D. Riley
Exciting Times, N. Dolan
Florida Man, T. Cooper

Utopia Avenue, David Mitchell
A Burning, M. Majumdar

Bonus! Some suggestions for the young people in your life, too.

Time for Bed, Miyuki/Galliez
Thanku, M. Paul
Balto and the Race Against Time, H. Moss
Yours Sincerely, Giraffe, M. Iwasa
The Great Pet Heist, E. Eden
All in a Drop, L. Alexander
Dry, N. Schusterman

How to raise a reader Hedge Summer Book List

The former children's books editor of The New York Times Book Review Maria Russo and coauthor Pamela Paul wrote a guide on how to raise a reader.



As you venture forward into the summer season, there will be a “new normal” yet I invite you to flip it over and see it as an awakening.

-Christina Karvounis

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