Travel Journal: Hedge Bermuda Photo Shoot

Hello Bermudaful!


Hedge traveled to St. George’s, Bermuda for our latest photo shoot. It was magical. The sand is so on-brand; creamy soft with specks of coral and reminds us of our hedgerose pink. In this blog we share our favorite spots to eat, shop, and play! Also, you'll find some behind the scenes shots and juicy details from our trip. Visit Bermuda, Tourism is down since the cruise ships can’t come in. Which makes it delightfully spare of Americans.

MIXTAPE Click here to listen to our shoot vibes

We always make mix-tapes for when we travel. Alex Taylor and I put this one together for our collaboration, you'll love the chill vibes and classic songs.


Sophie, our model, beach lifeguard and local Bermudan is studying to be a marine biologist. She is hoping to bring positive change to Bermuda. She'd like to work at Bios Station, owned by Princeton. The coolest thing she’s ever seen is a tiger Shark when she was on a boat, also, terrifying!

Also with us was Alex Taylor, our bestie and pal from college. He is incredibly talented and he can make magic happen, despite any crazy scenarios we throw his way. He always maintains a positive, can-do attitude.

Our new team member, Delaney Gallagher, wore ALL the hats: producing, styling, hair wrangling, photo assisting, shoe tying, packing, unpacking, packing again and generally keeping us on track, in style and in good spirit!


What we brought that needed to be shot!

cashmere golf sweater vest

Cashmere in the Cove: new zip hoodie and wrap vest for chilly breezes and nights. Also beanies and scarves!

Necessities & accessories: our latest offerings: turkish golf towels, masks, bandanas and fun socks to round out the Hedge look.

Pom-pom socks

Casual shorts and tanks for resort season, great for jogging, hiking and play. We are naming our tank "Tucker Tank" for this gorgeous town and also our family street name in Virginia!

Our new long Gibson skirt in action

Taft Dress Golf


Day to Night looks: Taft dress in play and apres

Quimby stretch linen dress in play and then apres on the town.


In Bermuda, they drive on the opposite side of the road! We hired a driver since you can’t rent a car because you need a Bermuda driver’s license. You can rent a Twizzle, but they are top heavy and tend to tip. Also, only seat 2. Mopeds are super fun but also very dangerous as the roads are curvy and narrow. We now know It's also very possible to carry golf clubs on a Vespa! Folks doing it every day there. Inspired by this fine gentleman:

Devils Isle, Village Pantry, 1609 drinks by the water (In back by Hamilton Princess, The Birdcage, an elevated over water bar, have a cocktail here, Rosedon Inn, try their new restaurant Huckleberry, Waterlot Inn-recommended by our close friends, Bermuda is home of Gosling’s, try a dark and stormy
, Swizzle Inn, here is the best place to have the famous Swizzle rum drink (close to the airport make it the first thing you do! Or last.


The Mid Ocean Club -The number 1 spot, private
Port Royal Golf course - a government owned gem, many pro tournaments held here. And there's so many more tucked in this 25 mile island: Tucker’s Point Golf Club, Turtle Hill Golf Club, Belmont Hills Golf Club, Hamilton Princess


The Coral Beach & Tennis club - the place to play, private. Also Cliff Drysdale Tennis, Hamilton Princess has courts as well.

Spectator Sport

SHOP: (we really didn't get to do a ton of shopping. We just hit up TABs for gifts on the way home and scored!!) In Hamilton, check out TABS-for the perfect gift to bring home and classic Bermuda shorts (the greatest length for golf). Benneton-they're still alive! Bright block colors, classic style. & Partners a space for local artists and artisans to showcase their wares.

TO DO: (sadly we didn't get to do any of these things because we were working, but when we go back with family, we will) Glow worm cruise, paddle a Kayak through the Crystal Caves, Watch a game of Cricket.


The Churches: in Bermuda it is said that there are "as many bars as there are churches” Our two favorites are: The unfinished church and St. Mark’s Church

Moongates: made of local limestone and can be spotted gracing Bermuda's public parks, hotel grounds and private homes. Legend says that if newlyweds step through a moongate hand-in-hand, happiness will endure, which is why it's common to see newlyweds kissing or posing under these intriguing stone passageways. Newlywed or not, you're welcome to step through one of the island's dozens of moongates and make a wish. 

St. George - wander around this rainbow building town perched on the turquoise water it's glorious!

John Smith’s Bay Park have a frozen drink at the brightly colored snack stand on the cliff. Lively lady always up for a chat!

Jobson’s cove-great location, tiny cove for picnics and gentle wave swimming, but dangerous up top!

Southlands-a short hike deep into the forest rich with flora and fauna and crusty old spooky house at the end.

Other great spots we just didn't have time to get to... Torture! Palm Grove Gardens, Horshoe Bay, Portuguese rock, Coopers island nature reserve, Spittal Pond, Warwick Long Beach where our model Sophie, is a lifeguard.

Until next time Bermuda!


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