From Hedge, with LOVE-LOVE

That’s the score when the tennis match starts.
It’s fair.
It’s even.
Someone will win; someone will lose.
But what if we decided to let go of the pressure to win
and simply enjoyed playing--like we all did as children?
One theory on the origins of “love” in tennis comes from the notion that,
at the start of a match, when the scores are zero, the players still have “love for each other.”
Perhaps we could aim for something different; something bigger.
What if we flip the match and instead end with Love-Love?
As we were filming this, I became inspired.
Racing around the court the children were
kicking, squealing and thoroughly enjoying themselves.
They were FLYING.
Then they would crash into each other and fall down.
They would chase the ball, but then it would blow away with the wind.
The ball was big.
Bigger than they were.
They couldn’t control it or predict it, but they could certainly enjoy it.
Isn’t that what love is all about?
Love is most definitely not a game,
but the parallels are luminous and indisputable.
Love is elusive.
And wins, losses and challenges
are all part of the journey – in tennis, and life.
When the ball comes to you.....don’t take it for granted.
Be thankful for the love and the lessons.
Take the utmost care of it. Respect it.

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What a beautiful and poignant message of love ?

Jane February 14, 2018

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