Off We Go!

Happy New Year! We hope your January is starting off well. For our team here at Hedge, this month is crazy! We are packing up and heading to sunny Orlando for the annual golf bonanza they call the PGA Show. Next week we will be debuting our 2018 collection to the trade and meeting with country clubs and golf media over three intense days (our booth number is 4691, btw)....we will NOT see the sun. Here's a sneak peek at our sketches of a few forthcoming spring items.

The PGA Show is where we find crazy cool new golf stuff and meet folks from across the country in the industry. As always there are also some very bizarre offerings which give us a laugh as we wander the aisles scoping out the competition. That being said, we are excited to go back and see what some of our friends will have to share. Here are a few “ones to watch”....

Holderness & Bourne, respectable mens golf shirts with collar stays. How cool is that? I might actually let my husband out to dinner in a golf shirt if it were from H&B. These guys went to Yale and started their business when we did because just like us, they felt a nice enough product didn’t exist out there #brotherbrand.

Next is Shapland Golf Bags made of gorgeous leather and canvas. If you care at all about fashion on the golf course the bag is part of the deal and finally there’s an acceptable bag to match your Hedge outfit.

Smathers & Branson - you’ve seen them everywhere but we did a collaboration with them to make our very first hat!

We discovered Spiked Seltzer! No-cal soda tinted with only 6% alcohol in a snazzy can...YUM.

(PS-no one is paying us to say this). We love these brands truly, madly and deeply.  

And then there’s Sugarloaf Social Club. Basically the Supreme of the Golf world. They sell out of everything they make. We shouldn’t even be telling you about it because we don’t need any more competition trying to get our hands on their new sweatshirt. They made for us a terry cloth visor combining our two logos. They genuinely love the game of golf and you can often find them playing at muni courses in barefeet sometimes.

We will be in booth #4691. We are hosting a little party early Thursday evening on the show floor. RSVP

To book an appointment directly with us to view our collection click the following link:


Love my collection of Hedge! Especially the Dune dress and Donna blazer. Wish I could be at PGA show to support this amazing brand.

Cassie January 21, 2018

You may remember me as your father’s cousin. Congratulations on a beautiful line and an extremely creative marketing strategy! Wishing you continuing success and prosperity with Hedge.

Susan Lunz January 20, 2018

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