It's bloody freezing. You might be playing tennis indoors, but you still have to get to the courts. These are a few of our favorite ways to stay chic and not geek:

1. Leg Warmers: We are obsessed right can pull them right over your shoes! Cashmere are breathable and washable. I found a fab pair at The Julliard School in New York City. *Dancer tip…they visually extend the leg-especially if you tuck them under the heel. Figure skaters use them too.

2. Hedge Ellis Cardigan: This timeless sweater is cashmere. It’s extra long and keeps your bottom a touch warmer.

3. Chic Scarf: Alexander McQueen gets it right every time. Skull & Crossbones are still cool and this one is done feminine with our signature Hedgerose Pink

4. Pom Pom hats: Available in a million colors, these hats are a great way to show a little flair, trend and personality without a major investment in a wardrobe piece.

5. Hedge Darrow Boxpleat Skirt: This classic skirt goes with everything. We specifically didn’t attach the ball shorts because we like to layer leggings underneath without an extra pesky puffy waistline layer. You can still wear the leg warmers on top.

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