Lady like tips for the court or the course


You do it for the queen. Ballerinas finalize their gorgeous performances with it. The ever graceful heron birds do it too. Use this position when your skirt is short, you’re playing mixed doubles and you care not to share. Barre classes are all the rage right now and curtsys are an integral part of their workouts. It works your glutes, thighs and abs. Gracefully cross one leg behind the other and bow bending your knees.


Use this position when no one is behind you. It is graceful and moreover it improves balance. It is a pilates move to strengthen the core. See if you can hold it for a few seconds. Orthopedic surgeons also use this exercise for rehabilitation.


To feel like a woman while you play your favorite sports choose a real bra with underwire and support that will lift and separate. Sports bras are great for jogging, however, they mash down your chest and make you look like a boy and/or give you mono-boob. You may not need one while playing golf or tennis. Two of our favorite choices include the Natori Feathers T-Back bra in nude and the Calvin Klein Perfectly fit Racerback Bra.


Just as you would at a dinner party, make as little noise as possible. No grunting, no visible excitement or disappointment. You will appear confident and intimidating if you don’t show emotion. It’s also distracting to your opponent to gasp and whoop and holler after good shots. Most especially never say "great serve", after a great serve. Their next shot will be terrible (unless that’s your strategy of course). And also, I’m guilty of this...NEVER say “sorry”.

    1. MANNERS

Always say thank you when they give you a ball to serve with. And, of course, always shake hands and be a good sport after the game is finished. Help opponents search for and retrieve balls without judgement or complaint.


Just because you are playing a sport doesn’t mean you can have pit stains and grass stains on your attire. Be cognizant of how old your pieces are and consider purchasing a few fresh pieces each season. We recommend using a solution of vinegar and bleach for cotton, white shirts. The laundress has a nice smelling version of scented vinegar. They also sell a sport spray for your active wear for shoes, bags and other gear to freshen in between uses. There are sport wipes that you can use for your body if you plan on having lunch after you play; Good wipes are a nice brand. Burt's Bees and Mustela have a nice ones too that can be used for this purpose.

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