Need vs. Want

We struggle with it every day...I really want those pink Prada sandals pictured in the Vogue article, but I don't need them. I need a new toothbrush. I don't ever want a new toothbrush.

It's an important distinction that we try to make and repeat in our heads to quell our impulsive buying habits. Living a life in the times of social media can be aspirational and depressing all at the same time. When does Vogue ever really publish anything you might need to have in your closet. Until now....

Hedge tennis tutu in Vogue Magazine

In the fashionable game of tennis there are certain attire requirements you "need" to adhere to depending on where you are playing. Consider the above dilemma, and remember that your whites are stained from summer, the 3-year old skirt waistband is stretched out and it's about to get cold and you have no white leggings for layering under your white skirt.


Here....need and want get a little blurry. Sure you can wear them again, or put your black leggings on with your white skirt. But when you decide to refresh your attire consider our Tutu (pictured above, which also comes in white and navy), or our Dune Dress (not pictured). Both are items you "need" and both are items you might want!

Go for it. We have just officially given your conscience the green light.


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