Purple Reign

Thursday is my favorite day. It's not because it's close to Friday; it's not because I enjoy planning my family events and social plans for the weekend. It's because I look forward to the Thursday Styles section in the New York Times. This thoughtfully curated collection of fashion commentary always relates to my life and my business. I sit and eat my avocado toast with a slice of tomato, my already-cold coffee and try to chug the entire carafe of water in front of me while carefully scanning each page. It is in this very section that The New York Times debuted our Willa Tutu when we launched in 2016.

Today, culture maven Vanessa Friedman opined on the Pantone announcement of their color of the year.  As for Pantone, let me just say that I am obsessed with colors. When I go get my nails done I spend most of the time reading all the colors on the bottom of the jars of paint. I may never choose anything other than Ballet Slippers for my fingers or Russian Roulette for my toes but maybe in my next life, I will have a career naming nail polish. My father and children and I always have a wonderful time coming up with names of colors...it's a frequent pastime. Thank you Pantone for your color psychology this year and bringing meaning to the colors in my life. Seriously, for the past two years I have felt a connection to Pantone's choices. Green was one-suggesting new beginnings (at the same time as we were starting our company). Then it was two colors rose quartz and serenity-pink and blue-which are the only two other colorways we make aside from cream/white.

For 2018 they have declared violet. Ms. Friedman was surprised by it but her statement really hit me because I wouldn't have otherwise felt that this year's color related to us. She commented on the purple choice, "It's also the most complex of all colors because it takes two shades diametrically opposed - blue and red - and brings them together to create something new." This not only applies to my life (me and my husband for example) but also my company. Hedge brings together athletic wear and cocktail attire. You may think the two are diametrically opposed but actually athleticism is elegant. How agile someone is can preclude them to being a good athlete. The body conscious clothing needs to be functional and flattering so you have the confidence and freedom to play your best. Hedge is something new and classic at the same time as is purple apparently.

Maybe we'll have to add some purple pique to our collection for Spring? Hmmm...

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